Uptown Dog is equipped with premium kennel systems that offer spacious and luxurious accommodations for your pet. Our overnight boarding areas are climate controlled and feature plush, elevated dog beds. These suites are specially designed for use by dogs and range in sizes between 4 and 10 feet wide. We can easily accommodate anything from a Teacup Chihuahua to a Great Dane or families of dogs that enjoy rooming together. And since Daycare is included, after a day of exercising and playing with the pack, your dog will curl up and get cozy for a restful night's sleep.

Uptown Dog Boarding

All of our main boarding suites are custom made and built to keep animals comfortable and safe. They are manufactured by Horst Company and feature the "Sani-Track™" system. This provides an extra layer of sanitation by preventing cross-contamination from neighboring suites. 

Our commitment to meeting your pet's every need means that we provide all necessary bedding, toys and the comforts of home. Our goal is to ensure that your dog enjoys their stay in a healthy and sanitary environment. For these reasons, we encourage our guests to leave their belongings at home and enjoy the luxury accommodations at Uptown Dog.


Please note that there is a 4-night minimum stay over major holidays and holiday weekends for single dogs, and a 3-night minimum for two or more.

        *** Please visit our Hours page for available drop-off and pick-up windows ***
                                         * Reservations are required *
              * Payment for boarding services are due when dogs are dropped off *
** All dogs must successfully complete at least one day of daycare prior to boarding for the first time! This daycare visit must be at least 7 days prior to the start of their stay. This allows us to help new dogs get comfortable and assess suitability within our facility. Please note that this evaluation lasts a full day and requires regular daycare payment **


Please visit our FAQs page for requirements and necessary equipment (collars, leashes, etc.)
Please see our Training page for information about our professional dog training services, including Board and Train options.
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