Adoption Opportunities

Are you or someone you know looking for a new companion? Why not consider adopting from a local Humane Society or Breed Rescue? These organizations are committed to pairing the right dog with the right home, so we encourage people to consider adoption first. While you won't be able to help them all, you can certainly make a difference in the life of one... They will love you and thank you every day with countless wags and kisses!!

Uptown Dog is a proud sponsor of the Longmont Humane Society, which has placed animals in loving homes since 1972. We share their belief that every dog deserves a second chance, and with a strong focus on behavior they were able to achieve a 96% live-release rate in 2011. This is especially remarkable since the Longmont Humane Society is an "Open-Admission" shelter where they accept all animals without regard to age, health, breed or any other factors. This 95% live-release rate includes all dogs that come through the shelter, regardless of whether or not they are labeled "adoptable". We strongly support their efforts and successful track record at rehabilitating dogs that may require additional behavior help. Please click on the Longmont Humane Society logo to see dogs available for adoption.

Uptown Dog's passion for partnering with shelters stems from a genuine desire to add value to local communities. By specializing in dog training and behavior, our qualified staff can provide a higher level of expertise and ease the transition from the shelter to the home in addition to providing ongoing support for owners and their four-legged companions. Uptown Dog enthusiastically supports and commends Longmont Humane Society's relentless focus on dog behavior and rehabilitation. Uptown Dog has always shared a kindred spirit with respect to rehabilitation and we work to help people master communication and realize an authentic, enduring bond with their dogs.